Visitor Dugouts are Funded!

    During Spring Break, our team was hard at work discussing our "Play It Forward" project with a number of people. To that end, we have secured another $20,000 pledge which will cover the visitor dugouts on our primary baseball and softball fields!  In...

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Corporate Donor for Home Dugouts

Immediately out of the gate, we have had a very generous, corporate donor "step up to the plate" (pun intended) and offer to pay for the home dugouts on our baseball and softball fields. This is a Phase 2 expense and is valued at approximately $20,000. We will have...

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Kickoff Informational Meeting

On Sunday night, March 21, Athens Bible School Board Member Barry Britnell announced the latest project entitled, "Play It Forward". This project would raise money for the outside athletic complex consisting of two baseball fields, two softball fields, five tennis...

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