Tuition Assistance

At Athens Bible School we recognize that meeting tuition responsibilities can be challenging for some families.  It is our desire to make the attendance of Athens Bible School within reach of students who truly desire the ABS education.  Below you will find information regarding tuition assistance opportunities.  The use of tuition assistance funds are provided to any currently enrolled Athens Bible School student regardless of sex, gender or religious background.


New Student Discount: New students are automatically offered the tuition of $3,995, which is a considerable reduction of normal tuition.   Due to this New Student Discount, no other tuition assistance is offered to new students.


Work Scholarship: families who have been enrolled in ABS for a year are eligible to apply for a work scholarship.  These scholarships are limited and specific, and are awarded based upon ability to do the job and financial need.  In the spring of each year, currently enrolled families may apply for these jobs.  More information will be provided at that time.


Financial Aid: families who have been enrolled in ABS for a year are eligible to apply for financial aid.  There is a limited amount of funds that are distributed to applying and eligible families based upon financial need.  In the spring of each year currently enrolled families may apply for financial aid.  More information will be provided at that time.


Adopt-A-Student: the Adopt-a-Student program matches financially challenged students/families with donors who are interested in helping them attend Athens Bible School. The students/families selected are informed of their “adoption” and contact the donor with news of their progress during the year. Donors are gratified to know they helped a specific student and made a big difference in his or her life.  The Adopt-a-Student program is unique because it is based upon character and financial need.  Students/families that apply are those who typically are dealing with challenging financial situations, have exhausted all other resources to pay for tuition, and have a strong desire to attend Athens Bible School.   Families must apply for financial aid first.  Once they qualify for this, they may then apply for the Adopt program.


Pack/Buchanan Scholarship: this scholarship is awarded to one or two students per year who are currently enrolled in 7th-12th grade at ABS.  This scholarship is awarded based upon academic effort and character.  Currently enrolled ABS students may apply for this scholarship in the spring of each school year.  For more information about the Pack/Buchanan scholarship click here.


Payment Plan: in order to help families pay for the Athens Bible School education, we provide a 10 or 12 month payment plan without interest or fees.